Ttc blog #1

I am just going to jump right into it. Around November last year, I started reading and learning about ttc, my body and cycle. I then was ready to go. I had bought CB digital opks and got a bbt to temp and chart.I started taking prenatal vitamins and got hubby some vitamins to take as well. It was fun and exciting when we first started trying. But things changed. I was tracking my cycle and found out I didn’t ovulate. So AF would be late and then she wouldnt go away. So I had to go to the obgyn and they prescribed me provera to stop AF. (She was here with me for 9weeks) when they had done this, she took a level check and seen my prolactin level was high. Hence no ovulation and no chance to get pregnant. She said just take provera and track you cycle for the next two months and we will go from there.
This was devastating to me. I didn’t know how to handle it. The only people that knew we were trying was our pastor, his wife, brothers and sisters. So I could have talked to them but they haven’t went through anything like this. The next two months (december to febuary) went by pretty fast. Ill talk about that next blog. So thanks for reading! (:


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