TTC Blog #2

So February comes around and I get my levels checked again. Sure enough my levels were high again. This time they referred me to an endocrinologist. I go to this appointment thinking this could change everything. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. He looks at me and say that he is going to prescribed me bromocriptine.
This is a three month dose. I have to take 2.5 milligrams a day. I do this and for the first moth, I had to use provera to stop AF. Second cycle I had to again use provera to stop AF. After I had stop taking the provera the third time (in April), AF had came April 25th and lasted for about seven to eight days.
  Well on May 28th I had done my prolactine level check because I was at my three month mark. Now we are caught up. So today I have 9 days of my medicine left. I called for my lab results and guess what… they were at a nine! (: But this got me thinking if my levels are low andI’ma week late,there is a possibility that I ovulated and may be pregnant right? I know i should have tracked this cycle but i was being lazy and disappointed and just didn’t want to. But now I wish I did. So tomorrow morning I’m taking a test and am so scared lol. Now that bad thing about all this is. The Endocrinologist isn’t prescribing me anymore which I’m going to talk to my obgyn about cause that don’t seem right. Well that’s all for now.. fingers crossed!! Thanks for reading!!


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