Could I be?

Hello guys
So I have been thinking alot. I keep getting cramps and nothing comes. I know I took at test when I was a week late and it was negative. My friend took one when she was a week late as well and it was negative. Next month she missed AF again, took a test and it was positive. She was nine weeks pregnant. So it’s not abnormal for this to happen.
Its just weird that my levels are low and no AF. I know there could be a handful of reasons of why. I ovulated late, levels werent low enough and i didnt ovulate. Im not sure and wont know. But there deffinatly is a possibility of me being pregnant.
I don’t really have any prominent symptoms. Just some nipple soreness, light cramps, gas and occasional waves of nausea.
I would be over the moon if I was pregnant right now. I am ready and mentally prepared to be pregnant. My husband is excited to become a father but isnt preparing yet, but I know he will when two lines show up. Lol I was always told “A women becomes a mother when she tries to conceived, a man becomes a father when he holds his child.”
Sorry about the random rambling in this post. I just have alot of feelings and thoughts right now. I just need to relax for seven more days, to test again. Thanks for reading!


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