Next Cycle TTC#4

Hey everyone!
Wanted to talk about my plans for next cycle. If AF does come, I don’t think I’m going to be disappointed but I know next cycle won’t work.
  I already know this because my husband is going to another state for a church camp for five days. He leaves in two weeks which means one week with AF and next week ovulation.(most likely) and the other reason it won’t work is I still don’t know if I can get a refill of my prescription. So if I can’t, we will fall back to square one which I definitely don’t want to do.
  Now this takes me to my next topic. So Sunday me and my husband striked up a conversation with a OBGYN that works in a different county, just like 40 minutes away. Well I was talking to him about what all I have went through so far. He said that he would like to see me and that the next step would probably be clomid. Also that i might need to be checked for PCOS.And I talked to him about scheduling an appointment with him. He gave us his business card.
Hearing all this got me excited. He really knew what he was talking about and really wanted to help me. I think he appreciated the fact that I was well informed on the topic and of other options that could be done. So I think that if things don’t get rolling with my OBGYN I’m going to go to him and see what all he can offer me. Staying positive is all I need to do now.  Thanks for reading!! (:


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