Why flats?

Hey everyone!
So I wanted to have a cloth diaper board/ category too. Since I am interested in cloth diapering when I do have my child. I already know all the information about CD that my brain will hold lol. I am going with the flat system.
The reason I am choosing flats is because. 1. They are natural fabrics. 2. They pretty much are one sized. 3. We live in an apt. So they are easy to handwash. 4. They are economically friendly. 5. They are cheap. 6 they take less time to wash and dry since they are only one layer. 7. You can better control absorbency. 8. They are no harder then pockets, all in ones, all in twos, hybrids, or even disposables.
Those are just top of my head reasons. I will explain more in depth what all I am planing on buying for cloth diapers next post. Thanks for reading!!


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