First CD buys

So today I went shopping for house items. I kept thinking about how I wanted to slowly start my preconception CD stash (: so I looked at things on sale, and saw a mini travel size spray bottle. I had to get it. I got yellow (gender neutral). I got this to put wipe solution in for the diaper bag. I was so excited! Then I saw on sale was a microfiber towl and I thought this would awesome for night time doubler. I would have to cut it and sew the edges but it will work
So that’s all I got for my preconceptions CD stash. Thanks for ready guys!! (:


My plan

-Cloth-ezz birds eye cotton
18 small (27inches)
6 medium (29inches)

-Osocozy birds eye cotton
24 small (27inches)

-Diaper Rite birds eye cotton
12 large (32inches)

That’s a total of 42 small, 6 medium, and 12 large. For a money total of $96.

Thirsties duo
8 size one
5 size two
Money total of $107

Fleece liners
Flushable liners
Small and large spray bottle
Cloth wipes
Pail liner
Medium and large wet bag
Cd safe Detergent
Gerber flats for doublers
Total of $150

GRAND TOTAL from birth to potty training is……  $385!!! That would last u maybe 4 moths with disposables. Not including wipes.

Why flats?

Hey everyone!
So I wanted to have a cloth diaper board/ category too. Since I am interested in cloth diapering when I do have my child. I already know all the information about CD that my brain will hold lol. I am going with the flat system.
The reason I am choosing flats is because. 1. They are natural fabrics. 2. They pretty much are one sized. 3. We live in an apt. So they are easy to handwash. 4. They are economically friendly. 5. They are cheap. 6 they take less time to wash and dry since they are only one layer. 7. You can better control absorbency. 8. They are no harder then pockets, all in ones, all in twos, hybrids, or even disposables.
Those are just top of my head reasons. I will explain more in depth what all I am planing on buying for cloth diapers next post. Thanks for reading!!