Could I be?

Hello guys
So I have been thinking alot. I keep getting cramps and nothing comes. I know I took at test when I was a week late and it was negative. My friend took one when she was a week late as well and it was negative. Next month she missed AF again, took a test and it was positive. She was nine weeks pregnant. So it’s not abnormal for this to happen.
Its just weird that my levels are low and no AF. I know there could be a handful of reasons of why. I ovulated late, levels werent low enough and i didnt ovulate. Im not sure and wont know. But there deffinatly is a possibility of me being pregnant.
I don’t really have any prominent symptoms. Just some nipple soreness, light cramps, gas and occasional waves of nausea.
I would be over the moon if I was pregnant right now. I am ready and mentally prepared to be pregnant. My husband is excited to become a father but isnt preparing yet, but I know he will when two lines show up. Lol I was always told “A women becomes a mother when she tries to conceived, a man becomes a father when he holds his child.”
Sorry about the random rambling in this post. I just have alot of feelings and thoughts right now. I just need to relax for seven more days, to test again. Thanks for reading!


Idlewild Emotions

Hey guys
I just wanted to briefly talk about how my trip went and how I felt.
So the ride down was relaxing just the warm air flowing threw the car listening to some radio. We get there and mind u this was a family event, so there were four kids, eight adults and 3 teenagers. We went through story book forest which was alright. We then ate and that’s when our day started.
We went into the park, me and my husband just went and did our thing and met up with the family every here and there. Now it was nice to have an enjoyable day after a sorta downfall of a morning lol. But there was some negative emotions when I would see pregnant women or new born babies. I usaly am just like awee how cute. But this time it kinda hurt. Like why dot hey get to carry life and I don’t?
Which I know is a terrible way of me to think. So I prayed about it and I felt better. Anytime after that I would see a baby or pregnant women I would think, that’s going to be me soon. I don’t want to be selfish. I hope and pray every women wanting her bfp gets it because they deserve it.
At the end of the day we were beat tired and really had a nice time with everyone. I can’t wait to do it again, maybe next year we will get to enjoy it with our child. (: well thanks for reading!