Pg test ttc#5

So I woke up and walked to the place. My husband had the car. So I walked in and told them I was here for a.follow up pregnancy test. I peed, I waited, and it was negative. Story of my life.
So this got me thinking I didn’t O. And if I didn’t O then that means something other then prolactin is wrong. I think tonight I’m going to talk to my husband and see about switching OBGYNs. Maybe ill just wait for the follow up appointment at my OBGYN and see what she thinks the next step is.
Ughh I feel like this is going to be a longer more difficult road then I imagined. But hey its all going to be worth the wait and I need to practice patients anyway (: thanks for reading!!


Next Cycle TTC#4

Hey everyone!
Wanted to talk about my plans for next cycle. If AF does come, I don’t think I’m going to be disappointed but I know next cycle won’t work.
  I already know this because my husband is going to another state for a church camp for five days. He leaves in two weeks which means one week with AF and next week ovulation.(most likely) and the other reason it won’t work is I still don’t know if I can get a refill of my prescription. So if I can’t, we will fall back to square one which I definitely don’t want to do.
  Now this takes me to my next topic. So Sunday me and my husband striked up a conversation with a OBGYN that works in a different county, just like 40 minutes away. Well I was talking to him about what all I have went through so far. He said that he would like to see me and that the next step would probably be clomid. Also that i might need to be checked for PCOS.And I talked to him about scheduling an appointment with him. He gave us his business card.
Hearing all this got me excited. He really knew what he was talking about and really wanted to help me. I think he appreciated the fact that I was well informed on the topic and of other options that could be done. So I think that if things don’t get rolling with my OBGYN I’m going to go to him and see what all he can offer me. Staying positive is all I need to do now.  Thanks for reading!! (:

PG Test. TTC#3

Well let’s start off by last night. I was reading different symptoms of early pregnancy and it got me all crazy. I have been having extremely light cramps and have had gas. Thinking ohh I just have an upset stomach or it was something I ate. It was then I realized I have been like that for a couple days and also I have had a couple waves of nausea. So I’m reading this and thinking about this and getting more and more anxious.
While i was at work, I text my husband and ask him if he can drive me in the morning. See I’m going to this business that gives free pregnancy test, and its only like four blocks away and I was going to walk.  Then I realized that I’m going to be using first morning urine so I better have him drive me. Lol
So I get there and I have to go so bad and my heart is pounding and my palms are sweating. I walk into the room and pee in the cup. I go into the waiting room and wait.
Which we all know how that feels.. like forever. I kept thinking if its negative its alright we have next month. But whys my period late if my levels are normal? Maybe something else is wrong? All these millions of things raced threw my brain. Then I thought of something that made me feel better. It is what it is and I can’t change it now. I don’t know why but that eased my anxiety I was feeling. Then hubby keeps calling because he was excited. Well the lady talked to me.
She said how she hoped it was positive because me and my husband seemed to have a good strong knowledge of pregnancy. She liked the fact that we are married and she said she could tell that I really wanted this. She also knew I didn’t drink or smoke… just by looking and talking to me. (: so she went in checked it and says its negative. My heart dropped to the floor. I had to hold back the tears as I said OK and grabbed my purse to leave. I told her thank you as I walked out. She apologized and said if no period in ten days to come.back. She also explained to me that she left a note on my file. She said that either i get my bfp at home or there, that she wants to know.
So we went home and got ready to go to idlewild. It was hard to get happy again. I don’t know why this time it beat me up so hard then ever before. I was so hopeful. But its okay. I’m still waiting to hear from OBGYN about my prescription. Maybe next month will be our month. I have to stay positive! Thanks for reading! (:

TTC Blog #2

So February comes around and I get my levels checked again. Sure enough my levels were high again. This time they referred me to an endocrinologist. I go to this appointment thinking this could change everything. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. He looks at me and say that he is going to prescribed me bromocriptine.
This is a three month dose. I have to take 2.5 milligrams a day. I do this and for the first moth, I had to use provera to stop AF. Second cycle I had to again use provera to stop AF. After I had stop taking the provera the third time (in April), AF had came April 25th and lasted for about seven to eight days.
  Well on May 28th I had done my prolactine level check because I was at my three month mark. Now we are caught up. So today I have 9 days of my medicine left. I called for my lab results and guess what… they were at a nine! (: But this got me thinking if my levels are low andI’ma week late,there is a possibility that I ovulated and may be pregnant right? I know i should have tracked this cycle but i was being lazy and disappointed and just didn’t want to. But now I wish I did. So tomorrow morning I’m taking a test and am so scared lol. Now that bad thing about all this is. The Endocrinologist isn’t prescribing me anymore which I’m going to talk to my obgyn about cause that don’t seem right. Well that’s all for now.. fingers crossed!! Thanks for reading!!

Ttc blog #1

I am just going to jump right into it. Around November last year, I started reading and learning about ttc, my body and cycle. I then was ready to go. I had bought CB digital opks and got a bbt to temp and chart.I started taking prenatal vitamins and got hubby some vitamins to take as well. It was fun and exciting when we first started trying. But things changed. I was tracking my cycle and found out I didn’t ovulate. So AF would be late and then she wouldnt go away. So I had to go to the obgyn and they prescribed me provera to stop AF. (She was here with me for 9weeks) when they had done this, she took a level check and seen my prolactin level was high. Hence no ovulation and no chance to get pregnant. She said just take provera and track you cycle for the next two months and we will go from there.
This was devastating to me. I didn’t know how to handle it. The only people that knew we were trying was our pastor, his wife, brothers and sisters. So I could have talked to them but they haven’t went through anything like this. The next two months (december to febuary) went by pretty fast. Ill talk about that next blog. So thanks for reading! (: